Madeleine Aleman's mission is integration. Her art combines different cultures, reality with fantasy and profanity with the sacred. Aleman are also fascinated by historical biographies, especially the ones of mystics.
Aleman's choice of materials and expressions are diverse, since she follows the process with a researchers openess and eagerness. A project can be expressed in many different ways, depending on what she finds when "digging".
Maybe Aleman's need to integrate comes from her multifaceted background.
Her grandfather was a Swedenborgian pastor, a mystic branch of Christianity that pays much attention to night dreams and visions. Aleman's mother with siblings were raised in Egypt due to a 9 year long missionary task. As a child Aleman explored the wonder of Arabic handicraft and patterns in her grandparents house. Arabic food and language was also frequent.
Aleman's father was a psychoanalyst and her mother was a psychotherapist. Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung were household Gods. From early childhood everyday life contained a healthy dose of psychological discussions, parapsychology and dream telling at the breakfast table.
Aleman is strongly influenced by esotericism and psychoanalysis. In her art practice she works with methods that explores hypnagogic states. She is also driven by her passion for experiencing new cultures through traveling and living abroad. With an aim for re-enchantment Aleman's work often expresses otherworldly fantasies .